Sebec Reading Room
Sebec Village Associates
665 Sebec Village Road
Sebec Village, Maine

History of the Sebec Reading Room

Sebec Village Associates (more commonly known as The Reading Room) was organized in the fall of 1946.  Mr. Frederick K. Rupprecht offered to give to a responsible group the Sebec Reading Room and library, which he had maintained for many years for the benefit of the townspeople.  The first formal meeting was held on July 5, 1947.  The organization of “Sebec Village Associates” was perfected, officers elected, by-laws adopted, and the application for incorporation signed.

The original members of Sebec Village Associates were as follows:

  • Theodore Burgess
  • William Downs
  • Kenneth Lancaster
  • Stacy Lanpher
  • Abner Morrison
  • Edwin Wyman
  • Eugene Wyman
  • Gertrude Burgess
  • Otis Rogers
  • J. Livermore
  • Alice Chase
  • George Moore
  • Marjorie Moore
  • Edith Porter
  • Harriett Coburn
  • Wm. Burgess, Jr.
  • Bernard Alden
  • Anna Nelson
  • Albert Clukey
  • Richard Hughes
  • Hannah Hughes
  • Richard Blodgett
  • Allan Cuthbertson
  • Andrew Moore
  • Agnes Moore
  • Wm. Bryant
  • Helen Bryant
  • Everett Stone
  • Katherine Wyman
  • Edwin Wyman, Jr.
  • Heather Wyman
  • Phillip Badger
  • Florence Badger

*This information was posted by Shirley Nason Wright and taken from The History of Sebec, written by Shirley Nason Wright in 1987.