Penquis Valley High School first quarter honor roll

Grade 12, high honors: Alvin Robshaw, Emily McKinnon, Grady Atkinson, Hope Lovell, and Maxwell Osgood; honors: Benjamin Bouley, Bethany Clements, Desirea Stanley, Dominic Jones, Ethan Bishop, Jonathan Paquette,Justin Chambers, Kasside Witham, Mikal Sicklar, and Olivia Legere.

Grade 11, high honors: Abigail Conlogue, Brianna Rouleau, Ida-Grace Lundin, and Katie Weed; honors: Adam Lewis, Aileen Strout, Evan Horne, Imaan Ali, Jessica Morton, Sky Guzy, Syreniti Grant, Valarie Craig, and Victoria Boislard.

Grade 10, high honors: Austin Gallant, Cassandra Boislard, Christopher Crockett, and Layla Chai; honors: Ashley Willis, Destiny Sibert, Dominik Ghiroli-Richards, Jacob Higgins, Jasmine MacGregor-Gray, Max Wells, Ryann Yenchochic, Tanairi Gonzalez, and Tyler Grant.

Grade nine, high honors: Mckenzie McMahon, Rylee Heal, and Tristan Goodwin; honors: Abigail Davis, Ahreanna Sawyer, Brandy Hall, Cassandra Bridges, Elias Berard, Gavin Chase, Haylee Newman, James Chenkin, Lily Coons, Lucas Chai, Lydia Gauvin, Mackenzie Fernald, Maverick Munn, Thompson Crockett, and Whitnee Stone.

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