Penquis Valley Schools – 4th Quarter Honor Rolls

Grade 12, high honors: Joslyn Black, Savannah Boislard, AnnaJo Conklin, Haylee Gauvin, Destiny Golden, Salena Goodine, Zakary Mills, Angelina Roberts and Courtney Rouleau; honors: Lauren Bolstridege, Lealia Chadwick, Austin Clukey, Ethan Johnson, Tevor Saunders and Jamus Winfield.

Grade 11, high honors: Grady Atkinson; honors: Angela Bryden, Justin Chambers, Bethany Clements, Jerico Jay, Hope Lovell, Emily McKinnon, Alvin Robshaw and Kasside Witham.

Grade 10, high honors: Imaan Ali, Victoria Boislard, Abigail Conlogue, Adam Lewis, Ida-Grace Lundin and Aileen Strout; honors: Syreniti Grant, Evan Horne, Andrew Lapointe and Katie Weed.

Grade nine, high honors: Layla Chai; honors: Cassandra Boislard, Tyler Grant, Andrew McDonough, Gavin McDonough and Dylan McKenzie.

Grade eight, high honors: Lydia Gauvin, Tristan Goodwin, Rylee Heal and Mckenzie McMahon; honors: Lucas Chai, Gavin Chase, James Chenkin, Quinn Cianci, Abigail Davis, Mackenzie Fernald, Caiden Fowles, Brandy Hall and Wyatt Ladd.

Grade seven, high honors: Liam Atkinson, Sean Chenkin, Amara Driscoll and Connor Smith; honors: Keagan Ellison, Frank Kelley, Gavin LaPointe and Kaitlynn McMahon.

Grade six, high honors: Violet Chai, Max Cook, Caleb Johnson and Anna Smith; honors: Connor Badger, Dylan Belanger, Darelyn Brasslett, Kennedy Carey, Kaydence Doore, Shyanna Gauvin, Jaylynn Horne, Ashley Ladd, Christopher McGuinness, Ava Shoopman and Logan Small.

Grade five, high honors: Emma Baxter, Carter Bender, Sierra Bolstridge, Sage Colson, Jake Haffenreffer, Ava Harmon, Kaybren Hurd, Jacoby Landry, Nathalie LeVesque, Adalia Perkins and Griffin Romerio; honors: Makayla Cook, Mario Cook, Kiptyn Deehan, Michael Drake, Stephen Drost, Lucas Hoffman, Karlee Shannon and Caroline Snider.

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