Bishop Thomas Brown visits St. John’s Episcopal Church

On Sunday, June 6th, the congregation of St. John’s Episcopal Church hosted a visit from Bishop Thomas Brown, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. The Bishop was originally scheduled to make his first visit to the church last spring but that was cancelled due to Covid-19. Bishop Brown was pleased to finally be able to visit the church and meet the congregation. He blessed a painting commissioned by the church and painted by local artist Suzette East. This was given in memory of faithful church member, Patricia Ricker. Also, vases given in memory of Ray and Ella Nason were dedicated.

There was a reception in the undercroft of the church following the morning worship service followed by a Bishop’s Committee meeting. At that time Bishop Brown talked about a Diocesan wide program called “Lebanon to Lincoln” where two teenage boys are being supported in their quest to complete their education at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Maine following the destruction of their school in their native Lebanon.

The discussion also revolved around final steps to return to “normal” worship which, as long as CDC and Maine guidelines are followed, are at the discretion of the Bishop’s Committee.

The Sunday service at St. John’s begins at 9am. For more information, contact Janet at 943-5509 or Susan at  965-8070.

Fr. John Wingert & Bishop Thomas Brown at St. John’s Church, June 6th


Bishop Brown & artist Suzette East

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