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$30 million solar farm in Milo will power thousands of homes

MILO, Maine (WABI) – Maine’s largest solar farm now lies in Milo.

It is the future of powering thousands of homes and businesses.

Senator Susan Collins and developers of the $30 million project were in attendance for a ribbon cutting Friday.

“Milo is very proud to have a role and a very large green energy project that will benefit everyone,” said Peter Hamlin, Milo Chairman of the Selectboard.

Folks backing the project say continuing to invest in renewable energy will ultimately lower electric bills for Mainers.

“And will save more than 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually. That is truly remarkable,” said Senator Susan Collins.

This solar farm will power more than 3,000 homes and businesses.

“We’ve also completed projects in Oxford, Fairfield, Winslow, Augusta, on Churchill Road near the Capitol. So yeah, it’s happening across Maine,” said Bob Cleaves, Co-founder of Dirigo Solar.

Harnessing solar power is still a work in progress.

Work still needs to be done at improving batteries that can store it more efficiently.

“Not only to work on improving the storage by batteries but look at whole new technologies so Maine really can lead the way in solar energy,” said Senator Collins.

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