Penquis Valley High School second quarter honor roll

Grade 12, high honors: Joslyn Black, Savannah Boislard, Lealia Chadwick, Destiny Golden, Zakary Mills, Angelina Roberts and Courtney Rouleau; honors: Ryan Chase, AnnaJo Conklin, Haylee Gauvin, Salena Goodine, Ethan Johnson and Trevor Saunders.

Grade 11, high honors: Grady Atkinson; honors: Angela Bryden, Hope Lovell, Emily McKinnon, Alvin Robshaw, Rayne Van Norden and Kasside Witham.

Grade 10, high honors: Victoria Boislard, Abigail Conlogue, Ida-Grace Lundin and Aileen Strout; honors: Imaan Ali, Zak Gahagan, Syreniti Grant, Andrew Lapointe, Adam Lewis, Mickayla Pierce, Brianna Rouleau and Megan Whitten.

Grade nine, high honors: Layla Chai; honors: Cassandra Boislard, Damion Drake, Tyler Grant, Dylan, McKenzie and Ryann Yenchochic.

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