County residents organize for action

Concerned Piscataquis residents have formed the non-partisan group PROACT (Piscataquis Regional Organization for ACTion) in response to recent statements and actions of the Piscataquis County Commissioners which limits safe citizen participation in their meetings.

PROACT members have joined from throughout Piscataquis County and  are meeting regularly over Zoom. The structure is designed to encourage active, safe and respectful citizen participation in our county government.

The stated goals of PROACT are 1) to compel the County Commissioners to hold safe and accessible meetings in compliance with Maine’s Freedom of Access Act 2) to ask the County Commissioners to rescind their ‘Resolution of Protest’ that is factually incorrect and harmful to the health, economy, and reputation of Piscataquis County in favor of a new resolution that supports Piscataquis and has broad-based, bi-partisan support, and 3) to create a Piscataquis County Charter that will not only better define the responsibilities and expectations for the County Commissioners and other county employees, but will provide legal recourse should they not meet those expectations.

PROACT members are committed to supporting a strong, respectful and safe Piscataquis County.  If you would like to support PROACT email [email protected] or follow on Facebook at PROACT Piscataquis Regional Organization for Action.

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