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Piscataquis YMCA partners with Old Town-Orono after pandemic losses

Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 4:41 PM EDT

OLD TOWN, Maine (WABI) – The Piscataquis Regional YMCA is partnering with the Old Town-Orono YMCA to consolidate support and resources.

It’s a cost savings measure in the face revenue losses due to COVID-19.

The facilities will remain independent but will share leadership and use similar models for programs and service.

One notable change is the Piscataquis YMCA will eliminate their CEO position.

Deb Boyd at the Old Town-Orono facility will oversee those duties in both locations.

She spoke with us about the plan and how it will play out moving forward.

“So we’ve started for a six month time period and then we’ll have the ability to assess and just see how it’s working and have the ability to renew if we wish to do that, and then we’ll just see where we go from there.”

A task force made up of community and board members will make the decision on whether to keep the plan in place.

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