B-BJ Historical Society Publishes Last Newsletter for 2020

October, 2020

If you’re not a member of the Brownville-Brownville Junction Historical Society and didn’t receive the Autumn newsletter, here’s what you missed….

-Pages of photos of basketball from Brownville High School – boys and girls; also a few pics of other activities that took place at the school.

-A recap of the Society’s September meeting: while we didn’t have many visitors this year, we got a lot of work done, including some painting inside the building.

-Opening the Suitcase featured memories from Linda Coburn and also stories about Andrew Michaud written by Ken Hatchette.

-And pictures of several Canadian Pacific Railroad tickets recently acquired.


Also, mention of our newsletters for 2021. It is our plan to focus each of those newsletters on veterans from Brownville. If you are or know a veteran and have a story to tell that we might use, contact us at: [email protected]


Be sure you don’t miss a beat! You can be a member of the Society for $5 annually. Send dues (and donations) to B-BJ Historical Society, PO Box 751, Brownville ME 04414


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