Milo High School, A Brief History
Reprinted from articles first published in Breeze yearbooks

The very first term of high school was held in what was known as the primary building,  in the fall of 1856.  It was customary each year,  in order to have a high school,  to take a vote of the inhabitants of the town,  and if high school was desired by the majority,  to set the length of the year which was usually one term in the fall from 10 to 12 weeks.  Every scholar bought his or her own books and paid tuition to defray the expenses of the schoolmaster.  The tuition charges were as follows:  Common English courses which included arithmetic,  grammar,  geography and history,  20 cents per week.  Higher English courses including algebra,  botany,  chemistry,  geometry and astronomy,  25 cents per week.  Languages courses including French and Latin,  30 cents a week.

At that time the school was not graded as to Freshmen,  Sophomores,  Juniors and Seniors.  Students could take the course and studies they wished and pay the tuition accordingly.  As the town increased in size,  the State legislature made its offer of aid to towns wishing to establish free high schools,  Milo was prompted to take advantage of it,  and Milo High School had its birth.

Proud of having taken such a step,  the townspeople next decided to build a new schoolhouse.  In 1893 the first Milo High School was constructed.  We now remember this building as the former Grammar School.  It was from this building that the first class of 6 members was graduated in 1895.  In 1887 there was a period of confusion.  It was decided by town vote to extend the class term into the next year and 19 students graduated in 1898.

As the number of scholars attending the high school increased each year,  a new building was erected in 1906.  This is the building that we know so well as Milo High School.  As written in local history,  Milo High School which began in 1895,  later ranking among the leading schools in the State,  graduated its last class in 1968.

The Milo High School Alumni Association which was organized prior to 1900,  reorganized in the spring of 1903,  and continues to this day.

MHS Alumni News

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