Marvin Wayne Lundin

January 25, 1948
- October 15, 2021

BROWNVILLE - Marvin Wayne Lundin, 73, passed away at home on October 15, 2021, due to Non-Hodgkin's T-Cell Lymphoma (AITL). He knew in the beginning it was going to be an uphill battle, and one that he was probably going to lose. Marvin was the eldest son to Thelma and Dolan Lundin, born January 25, 1948, in Brownville, Maine. He is survived by a large loving family and a community that kept his spirits high with laughter and good times right until the end.

Marvin loved this area and he enjoyed talking to people. If you did not see the red truck and his dog making “the loop”, you knew that something was wrong. The 2001 Toyota Tacoma truck had over 445,000 miles. He had a goal of 500,000 miles, but he was unable to make that happen. Marvin always had a smile or grin on his face.

Many may not know the side of him that he rarely talked about. While serving in Vietnam, he would write letters home to his mom, saying that he was trying to be brave, but was scared and fighting for his life. Or when he looked in the mirror every morning and saw the nick on his nose from flying shrapnel, sending his thoughts back to that horror. Thoughts of Vietnam were always with him. During his drinking days, prior to passing out, he would cry and say that he needed to see the Wall. He experienced a terrible anxiety attack when he visited a military supply store and when he smelled the ponchos was taken back to memories of huddling under one to stay warm and dry as rain poured down and wishing he was anywhere but the jungles of Vietnam. As his cancer progressed, it was eye-opening to see the difficult time Marvin had gone through with vivid dreams and nightmares mostly about the war.

Marvin was touched by the community roast and parade that was given in his honor. He had been so sick and not eaten for 3 days. He managed to wave to each vehicle, even though he was weak. Marvin loved the local American Legion Post #92, and served as Commander. He was a member of the Masons, and local snowmobile and ATV clubs. Years ago he was a member of the fire department. He enjoyed many sports; but really enjoyed hunting, and golfing. Marvin had worked long hours in local mills to help support his families. He enjoyed working for the town of Brownville and the time he spent with the crew. He was grateful to Mark at M&M Auto for keeping his special red truck running each year. He enjoyed sitting on the porch and always told people to “Come on in and visit any time”.

His wife, Kathy, would like to thank Community Health and Counseling Services for the compassionate care shown to Marvin. She would also like to thank Mike Nelson for making his urn, Dean and Larry for their daily visits with Marvin; especially when he began hospice, to Susan for taking special care of his dog, Lelo, as Marvin went through chemo, and to her daughter, Holly, for making the long journeys to Dana-Farber for stem-cell transplant consultations. Kathy would also like to share with the Lundin family that during one of his dreams he was talking out loud with his mother, and she was calling him home. Once again, a special thank you to his family and community for being so loving and kind. God bless you all.
On October 24, 2021, starting at 12 Noon, family and friends are invited to drive-by and see Marvin sit one more time behind the wheel of the red truck. The truck will be parked in the field by his home in Brownville. Military honors will be held at 11:45AM at the home prior to the drive-by. Following the drive-by, a time of honoring, will take place at the same location. Per Marvin’s wishes, the truck will be given to M&M Auto to strip for usable parts and then crushed.

Arrangements are in the care of the Lary Funeral Home. Messages of condolence and memories may be expressed at

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