Marilyn Buck Grindle Miller

September 07, 1927
- May 18, 2013

POWNAL - Marilyn Buck Grindle Miller passed away April 18, 2013. She was one of five sisters and three brothers born Sept. 7, 1927, in Milo, to Harry and Mildred Buck.

Marilyn grew up in a large and happy family during the depression, attending Milo High School and graduating with optimism despite the hardship of that time. At 19, she married Stanley Grindle, and realized a dream in the raising of her seven children, Allen, Timothy, Karen, Blaine, Jackie, Joel and Brian. Children, the life of her home and all those in it, was something she devotedly embraced in an era when motherhood was being slowly invalidated. She taught them well by her example. Music, art, empathy, the power inherent in critical thing, the value of tolerance and generosity, this is her legacy, lived out each day now by her beloved children. Most of all she modeled a quiet constancy and uncomplaining devotion. They all recall the day her son, Joel's friend became seriously ill with hepatitis. With nowhere to go, he faced homelessness. She took him in with no hesitation, carried food to his bed and watched over him until he recovered. He later said she had saved his life. She would have laughed and found such praise excessive! In her life, people were what mattered, especially all children. Her family still smiles at the time her son, Allen, brought home 15 teenage surfers. Though she had seven children to feed and her husband was on deployment, she chuckled and gave them breakfast too. Her delight in laughter and music were legendary for those who loved her! She sang at every opportunity, from lullabies to ditties of the forties. Her children have many memories of her breaking into song or spontaneously dancing, irrepressible responses to her natural optimism and joy in life. Most now find expression in art and music. When she was 65 she met Harvey Miller, who was to become her husband and soul mate. Her daughter, Karen, recalls how her mother became a girl again as they dated. Together they spent 20 years loving one another, sharing time traveling, square dancing and visiting their families. They were truly happy.

Marilyn leaves behind her husband, Harvey; daughters, Karen and Jackie; and sons, Allen, Tim, Blaine and Brian. She is especially missed by her sister, Elaine. Harvey's daughters, Peggy and Charlene, were her devoted children too, if not by name. Peggy especially was always there. She was predeceased by her son, Joel, whose family, Danielle and Taylor, were so dear to her. If her time on earth were judged by the lives she touched, the love she gave, the dreams she encouraged, she'd be humbled at the gratitude of those she knew. Those who cared for her in her last days said it best, "She was one of the good ones."

A memorial service will be held 11:30 a.m. Saturday, June 1, at First Parish Congregational Church, 40 Main St., Freeport.
Published in BDN Maine on May 24, 2013

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