Shaine David Roberts

November 23, 1979
- July 13, 2003

EXETER - Shaine David Roberts, 23, died July 13, 2003. He was born Nov. 23, 1979. He rode in hard and rode out the same way. Twenty-three years of life started in Texas and Texas held forever in his heart. He is our strength, our bond, our son, our brother, our family. You're not gone just living in a different music where if we listen we'll still feel your love. "Our son then, now, forever, luv you, Dad and Mom." A brother's word is never broken, we love you, bro, Coburn, Ryan, Jesse, Adam, Jimmy, Russell; nephew, Coby Jr., who will forever be told your stories; godparents, Kirby and Nancy Roberts, David and Bee McCain; sisters-in-law, Aileen, Patti; grandparents, Lorraine and Marty Fitzpatrick, Marjorie Mosher; aunts and uncles, Mart and Jen Fitzpatrick, Laurie and Mark Priest, Sheila and Bill Corbett, Sharon Cocoran, Laura Smith, Bob and Beve Roberts, Ding and Nora Roberts, Shirely Wiltshire and Roy and Pat McSorley; cousins, numbered too many to name that know who they each are in his heart and ours, from Texas to Maine. Family isn't about blood it's the heart that holds you, Diedra Clark and Tami Elizabith McCain, Gary, Dan, and Barb Mitchell, Jimmy and Adeline Harrington, Deke and Mary Wright, Lilly Wade, Mike White, Sherri and Josh Skye, Mike Corina; uncle, Tubby Hargroves, uncle, Robert Reviea, Tim Rayven Marconi, Sarah Micah Hale, Sandy and Beth Grant and so many more to name that miss your smile and will listen for your laugh. Geronimo will watch for your light. Memorial services were held at the Thompson Funeral Home.

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