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The collection includes items from the Cambrian Age (550 million years old) to as recent as the Pleistocene Age (10,000 years old). In this section, you will find trilobites, shark teeth, mastodon teeth, deer antlers, walrus tusks, and much more. Many plants are also displayed, such as fossilized wood, leaves, and roots.

Indian artifacts from the Milo, Maine, area, dating to ten thousand years ago were collected by local people over the last fifty years. Also, thier is an early man exhibit dating as far back as three million years containing hand axes, and replicas of skulls. A few specimens from other American cultures, Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, and Incan are on display.

Natural History – Gems & Minerals
You will see items such as, cave formation specimens, gems and jewelry, iron pyrite, amethyst, citron, and jade.

Discovery Room
Florescent minerals are in a separate dark room. An ultraviolet light brings out the hidden colors not seen in normal daylight.

Reference Library
An extensive collection of books of related material is available for further research.

The Harrigan Learning Center & Museum is owned by the Three Rivers Kiwanis Milo-Brownville Foundation, through a generous donation made by Tom and Nancy Harrigan.

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