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The Three Rivers Community (TRC) is a group of towns in the Maine Highlands with a total population of about 6,000: Bowerbank, Brownville, LaGrange, Lake View, Medford, Milo, and Sebec. TRC links our communities, businesses, & organizations together online for better social and economic progress.

TRC was founded 25 years ago, and has grown in many directions to suit the needs of our communities. We have local news, a community calendar, local government, local organizations, community event information, a local directory, and over 20 live local webcams!

Our Three Rivers

MILO — A women veterans luncheon will be held at noon on Saturday, Oct. 16 at Joseph P. Chaisson Post 41, 18 West Main Street. A meet and greet will start at 11:30 a.m.

Please RSVP by Oct. 2 to Inez Sanborn at 207-404-1996 or [email protected].

BROWNVILLE, Maine (WABI) – A family from Brownville is asking the community for support as they navigate a serious medical diagnosis for their infant son.

Bradley Hanson will be two months old on Thursday, September 16th.

His parents say he was born with a heart murmur, which doctors hoped would go away on its own. Instead, his symptoms worsened.

Last week, he was rushed to a Boston hospital after tests revealed he had a narrow aortic valve.

Bradley underwent surgery over the weekend, and now his parents are waiting to hear if he’ll need another operation.

“It’s been very scary,” said Desiree Abbott, Bradley’s mom. “All I’ve wanted to do is pick him up and hold him. When he got his tube out, they told me that he was going to be a healthy little boy, he was gonna be happy. His stats were looking good, and then I watched my nurses eyes go big and she goes pale white and the next thing I know we got 10 people in here and a crash cart.”

“We haven’t been able to hold him or anything like that because of his breathing tube and a lot of the IVs that are in him right now,” said Travis Hanson, Bradley’s dad. “So he’s pretty much pretty sleepy all the time because they’re keeping him sedated.”

Bradley’s dad Travis works as a truck driver and has taken an indefinite leave of absence so he can be with his family.

They say they’re leaning on friends and family during this time.

“We are living off coffee and prayers,” Abbott said in an email to TV5.

They have a GoFundMe set up to help with medical bills, travel expenses, and other costs they accumulate during this time.

If you’d like to contribute, click here.

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