Bowerbank is a quaint little community nestled on the shores of Sebec Lake. It has only one road in, and no stores or gas stations.

Bowerbank, Piscataquis County, Maine
Compiled from History of the Piscataquis County
by Amasa Loring, c1880

Mr. Bowerbank, a London merchant employed Charles Vaughan, Esq. as his agent. Mr. Bowerbank, at an early date explored this township in person. The first settlement was established by Charles Vaughan in 1821, who began an opening of 50 acres felled and cleared. Part of the cleared land was put into crops. In 1822 This first settler was joined by Mr. Edward Robinson, recently from England. All work was under the direction of Mr. Vaughan.

By 1826, the some of the early settlers were Heskith, Robinson. Mr. Vaughan was responsible for the building of a sawmill on Mill Brook, later run by R. Newell.

By 1836, there were schools, and a Baptist Church.

Population dwindled by 1869, and the town repealed their act of incorporation. At that time, the township was not organized as a plantation.