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The folks at the campground and outdoor concert venue located in Brownville Junction are planning on a rock and roll summer.  More power to ’em!

This season’s 2021 Junction Music Park schedule has been released, and as it stands now rock and roll is still alive and well within the woods of Maine as they’ll  be rockin’ up a storm with some great cover bands!

This year, the popular concert venue and campground will feature, among others:

July 3rd – Last Child – Aerosmith Experience – Performing the best of Aerosmith from the classics to the newer vintage.

July 17th – Crazy Train – New England’s ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Tribute band

August 7th – Back in Black: The AC/DC Concert Experience

September 4th – Another Tequila Sunrise – America’s top Eagles Tribute Band

Well there you go, besides having the real bands show up, these cover bands are the next best thing and certainly will jam out some of our most requested songs that we play here on I-95.

Junction Music Park is located at 197 Davis Street in Brownville, and it’s a beautiful area right in the middle of various trail systems for hiking and driving an ATV, and ponds and lakes where one can cast a line.

Tickets to any show are $20 per person, per night, and include a campsite, so that’s a pretty good deal for a good time and a night of rock and roll. The $20 also includes use of the Junction’s playground, horseshoe pit, swimming pool and the corn hole area.

For more information and to reserve your space go to their site.

Grade 12, high honors: Joslyn Black, Savannah Boislard, Lealia Chadwick, Destiny Golden, Zakary Mills, Angelina Roberts and Courtney Rouleau; honors: Ryan Chase, AnnaJo Conklin, Haylee Gauvin, Salena Goodine, Ethan Johnson and Trevor Saunders.

Grade 11, high honors: Grady Atkinson; honors: Angela Bryden, Hope Lovell, Emily McKinnon, Alvin Robshaw, Rayne Van Norden and Kasside Witham.

Grade 10, high honors: Victoria Boislard, Abigail Conlogue, Ida-Grace Lundin and Aileen Strout; honors: Imaan Ali, Zak Gahagan, Syreniti Grant, Andrew Lapointe, Adam Lewis, Mickayla Pierce, Brianna Rouleau and Megan Whitten.

Grade nine, high honors: Layla Chai; honors: Cassandra Boislard, Damion Drake, Tyler Grant, Dylan, McKenzie and Ryann Yenchochic.

TRC Community Calendar

TRC is proud to release our new & overhauled Community Calendar!

The new version has color-coded categories, event information pages, and even allows users to submit and manage their own entries.  It also has an iCal Feed that can be used to add our calendar to your own personal calendar!

If you see any events we are missing, please feel free to Submit Them!

The fundraiser plays a major role in helping the club raise money for trail maintenance

BROWNVILLE, Maine (WABI) – While COVID is making larger gatherings more difficult, one snowmobile club is doing their best with an annual event.

The Ebeemee Snowmobile Club held their “Ebeemee Fly-In” this morning, with some attendees riding their sleds in, while others, like the name suggests, dropped by on planes.

To ensure people’s safety, the club required face coverings and social distancing measures, but still did old favorites like their fifty-fifty raffle and the “Adopt A Trail” programs.

With over seventy miles of trail to groom, the club said that events like the Fly-In are vital to maintaining a classic Maine staple, and encouraged others to get involved through both donation and participation.

“You know, many hands make light work, and money funding is huge,” explained Laurie Plourde, the club’s President. “That’s always the big thing, it all comes down to that. You have to have cash flow to make trails flat and wonderful, so, join a club, over and over again. And most importantly, join Ebeemee Snowmobile Club.”

And if you’d like to help, or join, the Ebeemee Snowmobile Club, you can find them on Facebook.

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