If you weren’t at the Brownville-Brownville Junction Historical Society’s final meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 15, here’s what you missed:

Bills are paid and we still have money in the bank account! We are thankful for those who annually renew their memberships, for those who have paid lifetime dues ($100) and for new members. This organization exists entirely on donations. So…thank you for your support!

While there have been fewer visitors at the museum this year due to the coroanvirus, the volunteers have been busy. Many, many notebooks have been organized over the last several months so that information about families and events are more easily accessible to visitors. But…we’re not done yet! There is much more of that work to do.

George Dean has been our “go to” painter/handyman this summer. The finish work in the bathroom has all been painted and the entry way also has been spruced up with fresh paint!

Also, while we’ve been working at the process for four years now, we continue to play “catch up” in documenting everything – yes, every single item – in the museum in the PastPerfect program. Lana Washburn has made great progress at this and has trained new volunteer Dan Peters to assist her with that.

Susan Worcester has been working on documenting the information for the outlying areas – Katahdin Iron Works, Williamsburg, Ebeemee.

We are very pleased with the result accomplished by Moosehead Signs in Greenville with the restoration of the BJHS basketball scoreboard! Tom and Micah Stade worked a miracle in bringing that back to life. Now we have to work on getting it properly displayed. That’s a winter project. When everything is in place next year we will have an open house to showcase that and all the history we have of the Brownville/Brownville Junction schools.

George Dean and Ken Hatchette have been working on setting up a working telegraph in the museum with items from the CPR that have been housed at the museum for years. This project is in the works and, hopefully, will also be ready for operation next spring.

The museum will close for the season on Tuesday, September 29th.

Thank you to the museum volunteers who keep the building open to the public every week in the summer – Marilyn Kindamo, George Dean, Lana Washburn, Susan Worcester and Dan Peters. Also to Lynn Weston and Lynn Gerrish for substituting when needed. Thanks to Jeff Larson for keeping the lawn mowed. Thanks for George for all the painting this summer. Thanks to Susan Worcester for the three newsletters published each year. Thanks to member Kevin Lowe who brings us 100 stamps each summer (that pays to mail more than half of our newsletters). And thanks to each of you who have paid dues to belong to the association.

Be assured that our active volunteers will continue to work through the winter months on projects that can be completed at home.

If you aren’t a member – it’s never too late. Dues are $5 (pay now and get the fall newsletter as well as next year’s three newsletters). Send your dues and/or donation to B-BJ Historical Society, PO Box 794, Brownville ME 04414.

If you’ve not been to visit the museum, put it on your bucket list for 2021.



B. J. H. S. Alumni Association 2020 Scholarship Awards

This has been an unusual year. Due to the coronavirus situation, all students completed their spring semester working from home. Some were unable to complete classes that required hands on activity. Knowing that grading for the semester would vary from school to school, it was determined that this year’s scholarships would be given out based on cumulative grade point averages, not semester grades.

In addition to the unusual circumstances the students were dealing with, there was no BJHS Alumni reunion this summer. The officers and scholarship committee members met to verify this year’s scholarship recipients.

Fifteen completed applications were received this year. Twelve of the applications nine are from current college students and three are from high school seniors. The grade point averages ranged from 4.0 to 2.9. The highest GPA again this year comes from a high school senior.

This year’s scholarships have been awarded as follows:

The Margaret Law scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in the medical area. Two scholarships will be given to students in this area of study. The first scholarship recipient of this scholarship this year is Jordan Durant. She is the granddaughter of Whit & Linda Coburn and Barbie Durant. She attends Husson University and is majoring in physical therapy. Jordan’s cumulative GPA is 3.8.

The second Margaret Law scholarship is awarded to Mackenzie Worcester. Mackenzie’s BJHS Alumni connections are Fred Worcester and Carol Melanson. Mackenzie is attending Husson University majoring in physical therapy and her cumulative grade point average is 3.6.

Three scholarships are open to all students who apply: 

The Eleanor Rosebush scholarship recipient is Victoria Bryer. Victoria is attending Eastern Connecticut State University majoring in Criminology, with a minor in Sustainable Energy Studies. Her cumulative GPA is 3.6. Victoria is the granddaughter of Janet Burgoyne.

The recipient of the Don Stiles Scholarship recipient is Brandon Bryer. Brandon is the great-grandson of Elmer Cunningham (deceased) and is attending the University of Cincinnati pursuing an advanced degree of Juris Doctor. His cumulative GPA is 3.86.

The Henry & Annie Graves scholarship is awarded to Camron Bailey. Camron is a 2020 graduate of Penquis Valley High School, Milo, Maine and has a cumulative GPA of 3.66. Camron is the grandchild of James Larson. Camron plans to attend Kennebec Valley Community College majoring in Electrical Line Work Technology.

The Greta Connors scholarship recipient is Faith Sickler. Faith is attending Lesley University (College of Art and Design) in Cambridge, MassachusettsHer cumulative GPA is 3.9. Her BJHS connections are Felice Coburn Lyford and Dodie and Jack Coburn.

Two scholarships are awarded specifically to high school seniors:

The BJHS scholarship is awarded to Del Bonsu-Anane who is the grandson of Kay Chase Whitney and the great-grandchild of Guilford and Annie Chase. Del is a 2020 graduate of Con Val High School in Peterborough, New Hampshire. His cumulative GPA is 4.02. He plans to attend North Carolina State University to study business management.

The Allen Lente scholarship is awarded to Sapphira Murphy this year. Sapphira is a 2020 graduate of The Learning Clinic in Brooklyn, Connecticut. Her cumulative GPA is 3.8. Sapphira is the granddaughter of Charlene Kinney Buzza. She plans to attend UMass-Amherst in the fall majoring in Sustainable Food Production.

When the Alumni Officers met to review the scholarship awards, it was decided to award three additional scholarships this year as these three students have grade point averages within one point of the last awarded scholarship.

A second Don Stiles scholarship will be awarded to Abigail J. Koehler who is the granddaughter of Lauris Boulanger Sailor. She is attending Springfield College in Massachusetts majoring in marketing. Her cumulative GPA is 3.56.

An additional Greta Connors scholarship is awarded to Alex Morrison. Alex is the grandson of Larry and Donna Morrill. He is studying mechanical engineering at the University of Maine. Alex achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.53.

A third Margaret Law scholarship is awarded to Alyssa Murano. Alyssa is the granddaughter of Donald Martin, Sr. and attends Husson University. Her major is occupational therapy and her cumulative grade point average is 3.5.

Scholarships are available to any child/step-child, grandchild/step-grandchild, or great-grancdchild/step-great-grandchild of active members of the BJHS Alumni Association. Those descendants of alumni who have passed away but were active members before their death are also eligible. Applications can be completed in May/June/July of each year and are available here on the Three Rivers Community website. For more information, contact [email protected]