TRC has proudly been offering several free services to local organizations and businesses for the last 2 decades!

Organization Webpages

We offer free webpages to any local organization or group that would like to have a presence on the web.  These pages can range from a simple “business-card” type website with minimal information, to a site with multiple pages.  These pages are fully updateable by the organization themselves, all that is required is a an account on our website.

TRC has been providing webspace for local organizations since our inception in 1996, starting with the Milo Historical Society.  We currently have webpages for 13 different local organizations and groups!  CONTACT US if your group would like a webpage.

Local Directory Listings

TRC’s Directory contains listings for local organizations, businesses, churches, schools, libraries… the list goes on.  Listings contain the name of your business/organization, website, facebook, address, contact info, and few searchable keywords. These listings are totally free, and joining as simple as filling out THIS FORM.

Featured Business Listings

If your business would like to have a bit more information listed than just your website and some keywords, we have Featured Business listings available!  These listings are also free, but we need you to CONTACT US so we can get a bit more information.

TRC Emails

Any local organization can have their very own email address!  We offer these free to organizations who would rather have a general email for their group instead of using a personal email.

We also offer emails to anyone who donates $10 or more to us!