The Milo Historical Society is very pleased to announce the completion of a very noteworthy project.  In June the Society was contacted by a representative of OCI Yearbook Project with a proposal to scan, free of charge, our entire collection of Milo High School yearbooks.  OCI stands for Oklahoma Correctional Industries, located in Lexington, Oklahoma:  OCI provides rehabilitation and job training to low risk offenders.  One of their projects is OCI Records Conversion which offers scanning of high school yearbooks to libraries, historical societies and high schools, not only in Oklahoma but across the country.  OCI provides this service free of charge, including the shipping charges.  

In August Milo Historical Society members met to box up the Society’s collection of Milo High School yearbooks, “The Breeze”, and shipped them off to OCI.  As mentioned, all shipping costs were covered by OCI.  A few weeks later the Society received the returned MHS yearbooks, in perfect condition, along with three DVD copies of the scanned yearbooks, dating from 1896 to 1968.  Seth Barden, Milo Historical Society’s webmaster, has uploaded the entire collection to the Milo Historical Society website. The Society proudly maintains a collection and display of Milo High School memorabilia and is now very pleased to be able to offer this collection of MHS Breezes to the public.  

View the MHS Breeze Collection online!