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MILO– It’s been years in the making but the Penquis Valley Middle School now has a  playground.

Debbie Page, Social Studies Teacher at Penquis Valley Middle School said, “I knew how important it was for students to have a playground when I transferred here, all they had was a mound of dirt and an old basketball court.”

She said all of the funding from the playground came from donations.

“An elderly grand parent heard about what we were doing and she wanted to help, she wrote us a check for 50 thousand dollars,” she said.

Ava Harmon 5th grader at Penquis Valley Middle School, “my favorite thing is either the slides or all of it,” she said.

Caroline Snide, 4th Grader Penquis Valley Middle School said, “it’s welcome to everyone after school hours and I’m thankful that we raised enough money to have the playground.”

Kay Brenhurd, 5th grader Penquis Valley Middle School said, “all we had is a deflated ball to play with and that was about it.”

Alice Bavelaar, 3rd grader at Brownville Elementary said, “today’s my birthday and it’s kind of like the playgrounds birthday so I would like to say happy birthday to the playground.”

The playground will be built in 3 phases. Organizers said the second part will likely be built sometime late summer or early fall.

Hannah Bavelaar, 4th grader at Brownville Elementary said, “I’m excited for the playground because it looks so cool and i cant wait to play on the zip line and the dome looks so cool to go on.”

Other donations came from Joan and Bill Alfond.