Photos courtesy of Three Rivers Kiwanis
SIDEWALK LIBRARY — In front of the Kiwanis Kids Sidewalk Library at the Milo Tradewinds are Three Rivers Kiwanis President Ken Jay and Milo Elementary School teacher Lilian Perkins with her daughter Delhia, a second-grader. Children can take a book and leave a book at the Kiwanis Kids Sidewalk Library.

MILO — Work continues on the development of an SAD 41 budget for 2021-22. The gross spending plan would be about $300,000 more than the current year’s $9,912,964 total, but the combined assessment for the three district communities would stay flat at  $2,433,581.

During a May 11 meeting held over Zoom, Superintendent Michael Wright said there would be some preliminary information discussed that evening and more in-depth budget details would be presented for a likely vote by the school board at the June meeting.

The annual district budget meeting would be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15, at the Penquis Valley School, with an information session at 5:30 p.m. The budget approved that night would be moved to a referendum at the polls in Brownville, LaGrange and Milo for final approval on Thursday, June 24.

Business Manager Heidi Finson said the 2021-22 budget includes a proposal to use $275,000 from the fund balance to reduce expenses. That account has approximately $800,000 in it.

She said SAD 41 will be receiving about $65,000 more in state subsidy and the amount the state requires is $3,000 less than in 2020-21.

“Looking at all of this, we have just over a $300,000 increase to the budget and with that increase and what we’ve applied for fund balance it would mean that there is a zero dollar increase to what we are asking from taxes,” Finson said.

In the current budget, the amount between the required local amount, additional local monies and SAD 41’s near $42,000 share of Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative is $2,433,581.

“Brownville would have a slight increase whereas LaGrange and Milo would have a slight decrease resulting in an overall zero percent increase,” Finson said, with community’s shares based on valuation.

In the current budget, Brownville’s contribution is $785,820, LaGrange is paying $453,066 and Milo’s share is $1,194,694.

Grade 12, high honors: Joslyn Black, Savannah Boislard, AnnaJo Conklin, Destiny Golden, Salena Goodine, Zakary Mills and Courtney Rouleau; honors: Lauren Bolstridge, Ryan Chase, Austin Clukey, Haylee Gauvin, Ethan Johnson, Angelina Roberts, Trevor Saunders, William Waterhouse and Jamus Winfield.

Grade 11, high honors: Emily McKinnon; honors: Grady Atkinson, Angela Bryden, Lilyanna Lapointe, Alvin Robshaw and Kasside Witham.

Grade 10, high honors: Victoria Boislard, Abigail Conlongue, Andrew Lapointe, Adam Lewis and Aileen Strout; honors: Imaan Ali, Syreniti Grant, Abby Herbest, Evan Horne and Ida-Grace Lundin.

Grade nine, high honors: Layla Chai; honors: Cassandra Boislard, Damion Drake, Tyler Grant, Joe Haffenreffer, Dylan McKenzie and Destiny Sibert.

Grade eight, high honors: Jimmy Annance, Abigail Davis, Lydia Gauvin, Tristan Goodwin, Rylee Heal and Mckenzie McMahon; honors: Naima Ali, Elias Berard, Lucas Chai, James Chenkin, Caiden Fowles and Samantha Lane.

Grade seven, high honors: Amara Diriscoll and Connor Smith; honors: Liam Atkinson, Vegas Carey, Sean Chenkin, Frank Kelley, Gavin Lapointe, Aidan Murano and Gage Yenchochic.

Grade six, high honors: Violet Chai, Max Cook and Ava Shoopman; honors: Connor Badger, Dylan Belanger, Darelyn Brasslett, Kennedy Carey, Kaydence Doore, Shyanna Gauvin, Jaylynn Horne, Caleb Johnson, Ashley Ladd, Christopher McGuinness and Anna Smith.

Grade five, high honors: Carter Bender, Sierra Bolstridge, Kiptyn Dehaan, Ira Farley, Jake Haffenreffer, Ava Harmon, Lucas Hoffman, Jacoby Landry, Nathalie LeVesque, Adalai Perkins and Griffin Romero; honors: Emma Baxter, Sage Colson, Mario Cook, Michael Drake, Stephen Drost, Kaybren Hurd, Nikolas Pratt and Caroline Snider.