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February 20, 2021

The fundraiser plays a major role in helping the club raise money for trail maintenance

BROWNVILLE, Maine (WABI) – While COVID is making larger gatherings more difficult, one snowmobile club is doing their best with an annual event.

The Ebeemee Snowmobile Club held their “Ebeemee Fly-In” this morning, with some attendees riding their sleds in, while others, like the name suggests, dropped by on planes.

To ensure people’s safety, the club required face coverings and social distancing measures, but still did old favorites like their fifty-fifty raffle and the “Adopt A Trail” programs.

With over seventy miles of trail to groom, the club said that events like the Fly-In are vital to maintaining a classic Maine staple, and encouraged others to get involved through both donation and participation.

“You know, many hands make light work, and money funding is huge,” explained Laurie Plourde, the club’s President. “That’s always the big thing, it all comes down to that. You have to have cash flow to make trails flat and wonderful, so, join a club, over and over again. And most importantly, join Ebeemee Snowmobile Club.”

And if you’d like to help, or join, the Ebeemee Snowmobile Club, you can find them on Facebook.

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