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Day: February 14, 2021

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MILO – The 59th Annual Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby wrapped up on Sunday.

The event was held by the Milo Fire Department, with the chief saying the turnout for the derby was a little greater than last year’s.

“The weather has cooperated. The lake has been booming with people. They’ve been catching a lot of fish, a lot of happy people running around on the lake with their snowmobiles and four wheelers and pulling in fish left and right,” Milo Fire Chief Donald Richards said.

Families by the dozens were on Schoodic Lake to fish and eventually weigh their trout, grouper or salmon to see where they ended up on the leader-board.

“It went pretty good, we just kind of got lucky,” said Jackson Hutchins, a St. Albans resident who came out to the derby with his two young sons, William and Andrew.

“I really like my fish I caught,” William Hutchins said. “t was really hard. It was really hard.”

Richards said the weekend event drew a lot of people for good reason. In total, there were over $18,000 worth of prizes on the line with a grand prize being a new ATV.

“The grocery store is booming. The little bait shop there and the gas station, it’s quite a boom for the town and the area,” Richards said.

Go to the derby’s website to see the prize drawing.

BROWNVILLE, Maine (WABI) – One of Maine’s oldest fishing derbies made it’s return this weekend.

The 59th Annual Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby was held, with dozens of entrants competing to catch fish in return for a wide variety of prizes.

Prizes varied from cash to gift cards to even a brand new ATV, and all entrants had to pay was a ten dollar entry fee, with all proceeds going to the Milo Fire Department’s various charities and events.

Organizers and volunteers say that the derby is a proud Maine tradition that gives people a chance to have some outdoor fun for a good cause.

“The local economy really needed a fishing derby,” explained Ricky Bradeen, a volunteer for the derby. “A lot of people come in, they buy gas, they buy food, they buy groceries to camp, and the other thing is, they to outdoor recreate, they get to icefish, get to have fun, and they’re also supporting the local fire department, which is then gonna go back out into the community to various charities and stuff so you’re really helping out everybody and having a fun time.”

“It’s just the atmosphere, being outdoors,” said Doug McClure, an entrant in the derby. “Like I said, having lots of family around, we play games and fish and we just really enjoy being up here.”

“That’s exactly it. It’s all about getting together with family and enjoying some time outside, finally,” added John Sirois, another entrant.

While COVID forced them to cancel the usual in-person drawing, it will instead be held online at 7 tonight.

You can watch that at

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